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Practice Areas

Lauren Allen, LLC provides experienced and individualized legal representation to clients. Ms. Allen is committed to serving her clients with the highest standards of professionalism and advocating on their behalf throughout the legal process. Ms. Allen handles a broad range of litigation matters seeking the best results possible for her clients and their families.



Ms. Allen has years of experience representing individuals and their families who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others. Ms. Allen handles personal injury cases that include:

Car Accidents

Airplane Accidents

Bus Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Dog Bite

Slip & Fall Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Construction Accidents


If you have been involved in one of these types of accidents, please contact us for a free case evaluation.



The death of a loved one is painful. When that loss could have been prevented had someone not been negligent, you may have a wrongful death case. Ms. Allen has worked with many families suffering from the loss of their loved one. Should you have questions about a wrongful death case, please contact us for a free evaluation.



Consumers are entitled to safe products. When a product is defective, it can cause serious injuries or death to the individuals using the product. Ms. Allen has pursued product liability litigation her entire career. Her knowledge extends from transportation products including motor vehicles, tires, aircraft and lawnmowers to everyday home appliances such as space heaters. If you have suffered injuries from a defective product, please contact us for a free 

case evaluation.


​Ms. Allen represents employees whose legal rights have been violated by their employers. She handles matters involving:

Discrimination based on age, race, religion, national origin and other protected classes; 

Harassment including sexual harassment; 

Retaliation and whistleblower complaints; and

Wrongful termination. 

Ms. Allen is available to represent employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) and the Kansas Human Rights Commission (KHRC) during the administrative investigation and proceedings as well as in state and federal court. Please contact us should you have questions or need representation.





Ms. Allen represents individuals who have knowledge of past or present fraud upon the federal government under the False Claims Act. The qui tam or whistleblower provisions of the Act allow individuals to bring an action on behalf of the federal government and share in any recovery. If you have knowledge of such a fraud and would like to speak to an attorney, please contact us.


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